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Our children are the best for us, parents, and nothing is too good for them. Very few people can resist the temptation to buy another toy for their child. Many of them justify the purchase by the fact that there was not such a great selection of toys when they were kids. Indeed, the wide assortment of today's toys can't but impress. And even thought we seem to know a lot about toys still our kids know more. So we have developed this site hoping that it will help parents be in tune with the times in the world of toys.

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What does the game mean for a child? It is not just a fun way to spend time and get entertained. Through the play the child learns something new and it helps develop creativity and logical thinking, as well as improve memory, ability to concentrate, diligence, etc. Toys have existed for several thousand years and their history goes back to the days long gone. For example, toy soldiers were always used for teaching all heirs of European monarchies and were favorite toys of the kings and their children.

Why do children need toys? Not just to play. It is important that the kid should acquire new skills and feel positive emotions while playing. Children whose parents are actively involved in their play are known to learn quicker.

Apparently, it's wrong to buy toys for the kid every time you go shopping. A spoilt child who has got used to receiving everything his heart desires tends to angrily protest any limits parents try to set, plus he doesn't learn the value of the toys that can be given away or even sold well when he outgrows them. A new toy makes the kid happy only for a short period of time and it ends up being lost in a pile of other toys somewhere in the corner of the room. And the kid's room begins to look like a warehouse filled with toys that are hard to organize.

Of course, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't present toys to your kids. Every child is happy to receive a toy that will become his devoted «friend» he will «share» his joys and griefs with. Children take their toys very serious and adults should not underestimate the role of the toy in the life of the child. And make sure you not only give kids toys but also spend time playing and having fun together.

Contemporary toy market features a wide selection of products that are sure to meet the needs and wants of every child, from a toddler to a teenager. Today it is possible to find any toy you can only imagine, even without leaving your home. Just get online and the know-it-all Google will show you the best online toy stores where you can order the toys your child loves most. You can choose from a great assortment of creative play sets, construction toys, stuffed animals and plush toys, battery operated toys, wooden toys, balloon toys, mechanical toys, dolls, cars, train sets and planes, board games, electronic games and more.

Yes, shopping online is very convenient and more and more people prefer to buy products online rather than go to the physical location. And probably it is one of the reasons why the largest toy retailer in the U.S. Toys 'R' Us closes stores. It is sad as nothing can compare with the excitement and delight you see in the child's eyes when he is choosing his gift.

Still, there are a number of other world's top toy shops with shelves filled with a great selection of quality toys that will please even the most demanding kid.

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