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The Best Toys of Toy Fair 2018

The New York Toy Fair took place in Jacob K. Javits Center on 17-20 of February. The fair included hundreds of thousands of toys and games plus influential toys for everybody to enjoy and marvel at. With no way to relay all the wonders of the event, we chose to collect the cream of the crop, from comic books and video games to anime characters richly decked out in details and colors.

Here is a list of best contenders:

#1 Iron Studios "Battle Diorama Series"

The figurines are based on original references from Black Panther and made in Polystone. The pieces are hand-painted and are ready for pre-ordering for $100-150.

#2 Neca

The upcoming God of War is anticipated due to the 18" officially licensed Kratos figure that made its introduction during the NY Toy Fair. You can get it on Amazon. Deadpool figure with two interchangeable heads also created some buzz and is now available for sale.

#3 Mezco: One 12 Collective

This collection offers Batman Beyond, Green Lantern, the Joker, which will be released in the fall, and Alex from A Clockwork Orange. The last one will come this summer and can now be preordered for $80. The collection also includes the Black Panther figurine that can be preordered for $80. Mezco really outdid themselves on details and precision craftsmanship.

#4 Dark Horse

The entire fair was impressed with Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher 3 taking a relaxing bath complete with a rubber ducky. CD Project Dark and Red Horse project are still a bit unsure about this figurine, so there is no release date announced. A sweet Link statue from Breath of the Wild impressed figure lovers and is available for $90.

#5 S.H. Figuarts

The love for Dragon Ball is alive and showcased with various memorable figures and collector's items form the game. Beautiful master Roshi, or Muten Roshi, or also known as Kamesinnin can be preordered for $60 and will be released in July. Two other loved characters Shenron/Shenlong and Bulma have no infor about availability.

#6 Banpresto

Banpresto always has something beautiful to show for anime lovers, but this time it is an awesome statue of Goku Black in all its might and Super Sayian Rose fashion. They also have Goku going Blue and Luffy from One Piece. The latter one is dressed in a fancy outfit for its 20th anniversary.

#7 DC Collectables

If you don't have any budget limitations, you can get yourself a scary Joker bust by Rick Baker for $1,000. This really made some fair goers dizzy. Another crazy option is a Brian Bolland designed Joker piece that depicts a purple gloved hand holding a stack of Joker cards.