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Vintage Fast Food Toys and Collectibles

Fast food industry figured out how to suck young kids in pretty fast after becoming popular. Toys! Toys were the solution. If a child will want to eat there, at least partially because of toys, parents will often loose the battle and come in for a visit and dinner, so all the restaurants had to do, is get toys.

Some people still collect them to this day. Here is a list of vintage toys worthy of your time:

Burger King Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - late 80s, early 90s

There were quite a few pieces in the entire collection. Kids loved the green figures, logos, and other memorabilia. Oh, the games that were played with the four heroes...

Long John Silver's Free Willy 2 - early 90s

The story about a sad whale really captured kids' imaginations. It's kind of ironic for a fish house to have a story like that, but they did, and kids loved going there.

McDonald's Hamburglar hand puppet - 80s

Kids used their imagination and partnered for crimes with this cute puppet. Parents didn't mind a little play during or after the meal.

Hardee's California Raisins - 1988

Meet the Raisins album might have inspired the toy collection, but they sure were fun to play with. And listen to, on the album. They could really carry a tune.

Dairy Queen Double Dip Ice Cream Cone Fishing Lure and Whistle - '98 and '91

These ice cream cones look almost too real not to eat. They are strictly not for eating, no mistakes allowed or you could experience how sharp plastic shards can be... And what kid didn't want more ice cream just looking at these cuties?

McDonald's Ronald McDonald watches -1984

Back in the day, kids would've traded anything for a watch like this. It was a sign that you were cook, like a pimp kind of cool.

McDonald's Fast Food Doll House

Every girl's dream doll house, they could do anything to get it. They were ready to not only eat, but work there. Since they were 6 years old!

Burger King's Cookin' with Alf - 1988

Kids ate so many burgers with this illegal alien that they had to be chased by the I.N.S. a time or two. Just kidding! Great toy though, cute and cuddly, and appetite inducing.

McDonald's Transforming Food Toys - 80s and 90s

Those were awesome toys and could occupy kids the way smartphones do now. They were fun and they were not fun when somebody threw one at somebody's head.

Burger King's Classic Movie glasses - 80s

These are the coolest glasses anybody could have at that time, no question. The coolest when made by a fast food company, that it. You can collect them and use them for all your drinks - soda, juice, whiskey, whiskey with soda, the possibilities are endless.