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5 Ways to Sell Your Old Toys Well

Some people would rather part with their teeth than agree to get rid of any old toys. The memories are alive and can't be let go off. As a consolation, it's worth pointing out that there is a market for that and that some good money can be made by selling those old toys.

So it might not be bad to hold on to those beloved toys for years and years. But when it's time to let go, it's time to let go. You might be surprised how much a vintage toy can pull in. Learning some ways and tricks how to make money here can help you decide to finally clean up and benefit from it in more ways than one.

Sort your toys out before selling

Go through your toys and see which ones are still in perfect condition and hopefully in boxes. Then figure out which ones are in excellent, good, and ready to be thrown away conditions. Bad condition toys are not worth holding on to and will only take place, unless they are extremely rare. Try cleaning old toys first, if they have been lovingly used.

Keep toys that belong to some collection or series together, like Star Wars figurines or Civil War soldiers. Used toys like that will bring you more money if sold together. A Webkinz animal collection once sold for a cool $1,500, making each stuffed animal a $100.

Once you have your toys sorted out, do some research to find out how much they are worth.

Were your toys sold as collectibles?

Some toys are sold as limited editions, meaning that only a small number of them were ever made. A good example can be Barbie dolls - "special collection" members have a small number ever produced and sold. If you have a toy like that, especially in perfect condition, you can really bring some serious cash in. Imagine 1994 Barbie Holiday Collection doll selling for $1,500 on eBay - this is huge for a toy that's not even 15 years old!

You can get dizzy just thinking that a 2007 Lego Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon set can go for $23,000! Some people make this much per year. Check your boxes to see if you have a toy that's limited edition or collector's item. If you haven't saved all the boxes, check the toy itself. Sometimes an imprint can give you a clue and point you to the right direction.

The age of your toys

vintage toys

Toys that are 20 years old or even older are most desired by collectors and toy enthusiasts. Most expensive vintage toys are from 70s and 80s. There are some exceptions, like the above mentioned Barbie, Lego set, or a 1998 Polly Pocket Bambi collection sold for $375.

Read collectible forums and websites

If you want to find out how much your items are worth, take them to a professional appraiser or go online and check out some forums, if you don't have a reputable appraiser close by. There are online groups and forums, dedicated to vintage toys and shows that revolve around old toys. For example, Star Wars is probably the best known source of forums and collectible sales, having the biggest fan base of all other toys and memorabilia.

Look out for sections where people are discussing popular old toys and what is most searched for. Check if anybody is looking for a toy that you have. You might get ideas how much people are willing to pay for it too. Some websites have special sections for online sales and purchases, so you can see what are people buying and selling and for how much. You can even meet some potential buyers that you can offer your toys to.

Comic books and video games

There is a reason why comic books are popular among vintage toy buyers. Some limited editions are worth thousands of dollars because of scarce availability. Many first or rare editions are very heavy hitters, but you have to find out which ones. If you have a comic book in excellent condition, find out if it's a first edition and get on with selling it.
The first video games are getting more and more vintage, so there is an increasing demand for them now. People are looking for original versions of something like a Gameboy instead of getting a remake. If you have an old version in excellent condition, you can sell it and take it to the bank.