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Where to Buy Toys When Toys R Us Closes Stores - Walmart, Amazon, Target and more

Unfortunately, Toys R Us has called it quits and closed its doors after several successful years of toy sales. On Thursday morning the news was confirmed that the store had officially filed for liquidation. CEO David Brandon attributes the company's downfall partly to last years devastating holiday season. Sales totalled to less than half of the predicted $600 million. The company even went so far as to lash out at its fellow competitors like Amazon, Walmart, and Target stating they 'created the ideal storm' by cutting toy prices and forcing Toys R Us's initial demise. The kicker is that the following five stores will benefit and capitalize off of the closing of all Toys R Us stores.

#5 Walmart

As the United States largest toy retailer and second largest online toy retailer, Walmart is doubling down its attempt to capture the available space in the market. Walmart is set to add over one thousand new toys to its stock during the coming holiday seasons including exclusive products with highly competitive prices. How are they able to offer these competitive prices you ask? The Toys R Us liquidation sale which offered major price cuts on the seasons hottest toys would be your answer. Tisk Tisk Walmart, but also, bravo.
Well, apart from Walmart's super low prices on a variety of toys and everyday products the retailer works hard to maintain the customer loyalty by offering plentiful coupon codes and promo codes that grant an extra discount. For example, you can find online Walmart coupons offering 15%, 30% and even 70% off codes without much hassle. Check out Walmart promo codes for the best deals available online and apply your promo codes to your purchase at Walmart to obtain an extra discount.

#4 Amazon

Amazon has eclipsed the sales of both Toys R Us and Walmart when its comes to online toy sales. Leading in the web based sales category, Amazon is winning over consumers who are considering ditching brick and mortar stores for their toy shopping. On top of basic toy sales, Amazon is presently offering a baby registry feature which is sure to pick up the lost traffic from the closing of Toy R Us registries. Now that is naughty Amazon.

#3 Target

Target has been targeted as one of the top companies contributing to Toy R Us's demise. The store reported a gigantic surge of online and instore toy sales during the last holiday period and reuters cited this uprise from a lack of competition in strong toy sellers on the market. This factor, aka Toys R Us shutting down a couple stores, encouraged Target loyalists to stay with the company and not explore their holiday shopping options. Similar to Walmart, Target has a large U.S. store presence with a growing online platform that is set to scoop up former Toys R Us traffic.

#2 Dollar Stores

In the most recent report of Dollar General's earnings, the company eluded that their seasonal toy sales is rising. Not to mention, Dollar Tree whom is Dollar General's leading competitor, also reported that toys and merchandise in-the-like accounted for 49% of its sales last season. While these stores have always offered a lower price point than Toys R Us, they will be the first to receive the former companies traffic of cost-minded consumers.

#1 Kmart

Kmart is unfortunately closer to the situation that Toys R Us is currently in than any of the previously mentioned companies. It is at high risk of closing and is currently facing challenging competition from Amazon, Walmart, and Target. However, consumer reports show that the company could benefit from the Toys R Us demise as Kmart still offers bigger 'toys' like playhouses and trampolines at unbeatable prices. Kmart may be an ideal alternative for former Toys R Us customers in the market.